Amy Schumer And Paul Feig Team Up For A Mother-Daughter Action Comedy

With writing duties shared by Schumer, Kim Caramele and Katie Dippold. PRAISE BE.

Hell yes! Amy Schumer is co-writing and starring in a new mother-daughter action comedy to be produced by Paul Feig. Schumer's sister and Trainwreck co-writer Kim Caramele will write along with her, and the two are updating a script by The Heat and Parks and Recreation writer Katie Dippold "to put the main character in Schumer’s voice."

Those are some names I love. That's three brilliant, hilarious women writing a script to star the unstoppable Schumer, and to be produced by hit machine (and friend to feminist film) Paul Feig. This is so much good news at once. 

The plot is being kept under wraps but sources say it is an action-comedy in the vein of Feig’s The Heat and centers on a mother-daughter duo trapped in a vacation gone wrong.

Who should play Schumer's mother? After this skit, I really want it to be Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but even though, at 54, she could totally be Schumer's mother, no one would buy that she's old enough. And who should direct? It's probably too much to hope for a woman, but wouldn't someone like Gurinder Chadha be great? 

Trainwreck, directed by Judd Apatow, starring Schumer and written by Schumer and Caramele, comes out July 17. Spy, directed by Feig, co-written by Dippold and starring Melissa McCarthy in her best role since Gilmore Girls, comes out June 5. Both are fantastic films that give me even more hope for this new project. Read my reviews here and here