Somehow Is Selling FANTASTIC FOUR Better Than Fox

A ticket-buying ad shows off the FF's powers.

I have a lot of faith in Fantastic Four, and I have a lot of faith in Josh Trank, and I have a lot of faith that the Fox marketing machine can make any movie look sort of bad. I just keep thinking back to the profoundly dismal Days of Future Past marketing, a campaign that had everybody writing that movie off as dead in the water. I have been keeping that in mind when looking at the less-than-inspiring Fantastic Four marketing (although the most recent trailer was a huge improvement). 

And along comes this ad, which does something that Fox should have done from the start: just lays out these characters and their powers. Something as simple as seeing Reed in action, using his stretching for basically parkour, lays to rest so many of the doubts that have been percolating for a while. Johnny Storm looks great. The Thing is called The Thing. And honestly the only complaint I have is that the guy says the Invisible Woman has the power to turn invisible while they're showing her using her force fields. But that's such a minor quibble! The important thing is that she has her force fields. 

My fingers remain crossed for Fantastic Four, and maybe the guy who cut this ad could give Fox some pointers on their next, and probably final, trailer.