THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL Trailer - A Movie You Need To Know About!

One of the best films of the year gets an okay trailer.

I missed The Diary of a Teenage Girl at Sundance this year, and I'm almost glad I did. I saw the movie last week and it blew me away so completely that I wonder how annoying I would have been the last five months, ending every single review with "And while it's pretty good, it's nowhere near as good as The Diary of a Teenage Girl."

Bel Powley plays Minnie Geotz, a 15 year old girl undergoing her sexual awakening in 1970s San Francisco... and with her mother's 35 year old boyfriend. That boyfriend is played by Alexander Skarsgård, who gives a perfomance so good you'll reevaluate everything else he has ever done. The film is funny and sad, and brutally honest while still having sympathy and empathy for every single character. I loved, loved, loved it. 

There's a trailer now, and it sells some aspects of the movie, but it definitely doesn't give you the whole picture. The film is based on an illustrated novel by cartoonist Phoebe Gloeckner, and the trailer shows you some of the ways director Marielle Heller mixes live action and animation - although there's less of it in the movie than the trailer might lead you to believe. What the trailer also can't show you is how incredibly raunchy and fairly graphic the film is, which makes its exploration of a teen girl's sexuality all the more raw and honest. 

I really love this movie, and it's exactly the kind of movie people say they don't make anymore. It's beautifully shot, incredibly well-acted and moving and funny at once. It opens August 7th. Mark your calendars now. Seriously. 

In case that trailer won't load for you (a distinct possibility when it comes to Yahoo! Trailers), click here.