Captain Kirk Will Be Wonder Woman’s Boyfriend

Chris Pine in talks to play Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman has a boyfriend! He's named Steve Trevor and at least in the original stories she met him in WWII. I honestly have no idea what his current canon is, after a cascading series of reboots both soft and hard. But he's been a part of the Wonder Woman story for about seventy or eighty years, and he's going to keep being a part of it in the new Wonder Woman movie, directed by Patty Jenkins. 

And it looks like he'll be played by none other than the young Captain Kirk, Chris Pine, who has been looking hard for success outside of Star Trek. Could being the boyfriend in distress be the answer? 

The big question is what will this Steve Trevor be like, especially as we're not even sure when the movie is taking place. Could he be the WWII officer who crashlands on Paradise Island? A guy in the Crimean War? Or could he be a modern day dude who exists in between flashbacks to Wonder Woman's distant past? I do have to say that Pine has a particularly modern vibe to him. I don't buy him in  the 1800s. 

It's kind of neat that Pine is taking on this sort of supporting role, as oposed to holding out for his own cape.