Expect Elektra In DAREDEVIL Season Two

Audition tapes have leaked!

Where will Daredevil season two, already confirmed by Netflix to come next year, go? If a series of (now deleted) Vimeo videos are any indication, Elektra will be introduced. 

Twitter user @marvel_spider stumbled upon a couple of Vimeos that were audition tapes; in the auditions the actresses play a character called "Elise," and she has a scene with a crook and a scene with a college-aged guy named "Matt." Again, the videos are now gone. 

Were they real? An actress using Vimeo to send audition footage is not crazy! The fact that there were two actresses and one of them was Louisa Mignone (co-star of the dreadful Wish You Were Here - dreadful but a real movie) and that their Vimeos were marked 'Daredevil Audtion' make me think that yes, they were very real. 

On top of that Elektra is the obvious next step in the Daredevil story. She was established as an ex of Matt's during the first season (that Greek girl in college, for those of you who don't know the Daredevil lore), and bringing in a character with whom Matt has a connection but against whom he might fight - Elektra's an ally and a love interest, but she's also an assassin who has served the evil ninja group The Hand (who simply must show up in season two), so conflict is in order. 

A college flashback, as indicated in the auditions, isn't just a romance thing - when Elektra's father, an ambassador, is held hostage young Matt Murdock donned a black mask to rescue him, marking his first real outing as Daredevil. That could be shown in season two. 

What's nice about the two actresses who auditioned is that neither of them are lily-white like Jennifer Garner. I don't think the actress playing Elektra Natchios needs to be Greek, exactly, but she needs to be darker than Garner.