MAD MAX: FURY ROAD’s Warboys Leave The Best Amazon Customer Reviews

"What a spray! What a lovely spray!"

George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road has turned into a full-on pop culture bomb, adding an assortment of brand-new catchphrases and buzzwords to our lexicon (how many times have you heard the words "chrome" and "mediocre" used in the past two weeks?), generating a wide array of unexpectedly clever mashups, and even infiltrating a meme that, heretofore, was considered the territory of Ryan Gosling. We've all been infected with it.

And how could we not be? Fury Road's an absolute monster, the kind of smart-yet-holy-shit-did-you-see-that?! spectacle we hope for every time we plunk down our money for a big, summer movie. Not all of the Mad Max mania I've seen online has been praiseworthy, to be sure (and, yes: at a certain point, all this meme-ing is going to wear out its welcome), but some of it's been legitimately great.

Take, for instance, what's happening over at the Amazon page for a product called "Wilton Silver Color Mist Spray". It looks like this:

You probably see where this is heading. It starts in the FAQ:

And it only gets better in the Customer Reviews section:

Oh, the internet. Just when I think I can't take another minute of your bullshit, you go and do something like this...and totally earn your spot in Valhalla.


Special thanks to frequent BMD reader La Donna Pietra for pointing this out on Twitter.