Red Band Trailer For The Fiercely Feminist FELT

The movie that gives rape culture what-for.

Last week we debuted the teaser poster for Felt, a movie that I loved out of the 2014 Fantastic Fest. Today we have the next step in the film's marketing, a trailer, which should give you a better sense of the movie and what it is - although nothing short of seeing the film will give you a true understanding of Felt

The movie is almost semi-documentary, and it features artist Amy Everson as she lives, creates, and survives in a world of toxic masculinity. And since it played Fantastic Fest you can assume things get really weird, and perhaps really disturbing. Jason Banker, who directed the underrated Toad Road, helms this descent into righteous madness. 

Now you can see Felt in action. Let me know what you think - I hope this trailer entices you to give this very small indie a shot.