A Certain Capeless Crusader Spotted On The SUICIDE SQUAD Set

See videos of Batman car-surfing.

We had heard rumors a while back that Batman would appear in Suicide Squad, and over the last couple of days that has been getting more and more confirmed - first the Batmobile appeared on set, chasing the Jokermobile, and now Batman himself is there, riding on the back of the Jokermobile. Locals with phone cameras caught some video:




I can't decide if the guy called Batman 'the masked crusader' in the last video because he doesn't know the correct nomenclature or if it's a joke because Batman ain't got no cape. 

That cape, I assume, is getting added in digitally; I would guess it's very dangerous to have a cape fluttering around while doing a stunt like that. The Batstuntman has digital dots on the back of his neck in the second video. 

So the question: does Affleck himself show up? Or will this scene - which I keep thinking must be a flashback or opening sequence - just rely on a stunt guy in a costume? That's an interesting angle... you really could have Batman show up in a lot of movies if you're not relying on Affleck to appear. Especially if his voice is always that terrible modulated thing we heard in the Batman v Superman* trailer. It's easier than having to pay Robert Downey Jr big bucks for quick cameos. 

* perhaps the title is a reference to Thomas Pynchon's V., and the Justice League will actually be known as The Whole Sick Crew. Batman is Herbert Stencil.