Andy Serkis’ STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Character Has A Name, Y’Know

Sorry. You're gonna have to click through for it.

A few weeks back, Vanity Fair revealed a whole raft of new images from the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Star Wars fans looked upon them, saw that they were good, and then immediately set about microanalyzing them for any new information they might contain about the film. The rest of us looked at 'em, said, "Wow, those sure are pretty Star Wars pictures!", and went about our day.

Well, now the person who took those photos - famed photographer and all-around badass Annie Leibovitz - has surfaced again, this time to help rip the lid off Abrams' Mystery Box (with Disney's permission, of course). In an interview with, a previously unseen Liebovitz photo featuring Andy Serkis has been unveiled (that's it up top), along with his character name:

Supreme Leader Snoke.

In what will come as a shock to absolutely no one, the photo seems to reveal that Serkis' Snoke will be an entirely mo-capped character. What'll his final form look like? How's he fit into The Force Awakens' big picture? Is Snoke's title a nod to Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un?  We'll have to wait until December 18th (or whenever those particular questions are answered via further set leaks) to find out!

Until then, speculate below!