Get A Better Look At That Leather Jacket In This HANNIBAL Season 3 Clip

Good lord, the man can rock some casual wear.

This clip from the Season 3 premiere of Hannibal, "Antipasto," is a little short on substance, but it's got plenty of style.

We do, however, meet the double-fisting and surely short-lived Anthony Dimmond, played by Tom Wisdom. Unless he's operating under a different name, or an amalgam of a few different types, I don't believe he's a character from any of the books, but correct me if I'm wrong. I'm currently re-reading (and quite enjoying) Red Dragon, and I plan to revisit Hannibal before the third season premieres on June 4th, so my memory of these characters will be fresher in time to review the new episodes. 

By the by: if you're lusting after that leather jacket like any person with eyes should be, Phil found it for us. Thanks, Phil.