Massive Kickstarter Success, KUNG FURY, Premieres Online Today

Check out this awesome short that you maybe helped fund!

A lot of fancy stuff plays the Cannes Film Festival that we normal suckers don’t get a chance to see for months and months, if we get an opportunity at all. But here’s one you can see right now. And as a bonus, it’s not about repressed emotions and dysfunctional families! I give you Kung Fury!

I wrote about the Kickstarter for Kung Fury way back in 2013. This is the trailer they had going at the time:

Directed by, written by, and starring David Sandberg, Kung Fury tells the story of a Miami cop whose actual name is Kung Fury. If that’s not enough for you (and it should be) the plot finds him traveling through time to karate chop Adolph Hitler for killing his pal. I’m watching this as soon as I can, and so should you.

And you can do so right here! (Unless you’re in Sweden, in which case, go here!) The film will also be hitting iTunes, Amazon and Google on the 29th.