Awesome Comic THE WICKED + THE DIVINE To Become A TV Show

Gods come to earth and become pop stars!

I really, really like The Wicked + The Divine, a comic by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. The premise is simple but brilliant: every 90 years 12 gods are incarnated on earth in the body of young people, and they tend to become pop stars, or whatever the period-appropriate version of pop stars were. The gods only live for two years, so they make the most of it. And they've come back again today, and they're in-fighting and conspiring and maybe even committing murder and framing one another. The story is told through the eyes of Laura, a fan who gets swept up in the world of pop gods like Lucifer and The Morrigan and Baphomet and Baal and Woden and Sakhmet. 

The comic is great fun, with a sense of mythology that feels like Sandman and a sense of pop music energy that feels like some of the great stuff Peter Milligan was doing in the early Vertigo days... but The Wicked + The Divine is very much its own thing, a thing that isn't actually comparable with anything else. 

Now it's being adapted into a TV show by Universal Television, as part of a deal with comics' most powerful couple Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction, who have set up Milkfed Productions to not only get their own stuff adapted but also to work with other cool creators. 

The Wicked + The Divine would make for great TV - with the right budget. These are international pop star gods, after all, and they have to give shows and wear fancy clothes and drive great cars. That's actually more important than the magical element, which the book has but uses in a way that I would call 'tasteful urban fantasy.' One really cool thing about The Wicked + The Divine as a TV show: most of the characters are women. It's a hugely female-driven series, and that means a ton of great roles for actresses. 

This is all in the early days, but I'm very excited - I hope this goes to series. This would be amazing on HBO.