Disney Derezzes TRON 3

Maybe they finally watched TRON LEGACY.

We helped break the news that Tron 3 was going, and that it was going with Joseph Kosinski in the director's chair. Well, now it isn't going - Disney has canceled the film. 

It was never actually greenlit, despite having begun pre-production and beginning hiring. Olivia Wilde was coming back, and new reports indicate that Jared Leto would have been in the movie as well. Jared Leto in a Tron 3? What a massive bullet we dodged here, guys. 

I wonder what happened. Tron Legacy was Sean Bailey's baby, and he's the president of production at Disney now, which is why I figured Tron 3 was going in the first place. It was an act of will. But perhaps whatever Kosinski was cooking up looked so half baked that even Bailey couldn't, in all good consience, sign off on it. The super soft opening of Tomorrowland - the lowest grossing #1 Memorial Day movie in 20 years - may have played a part as well. 

Is that it for the Tron franchise? The stark reality is that while a few people quite like the first two movies, Tron has failed to accumulate many fans, and while Disney must look at the property and think there's some way to make money off of it, they've clearly come to the decision that it isn't by spending $200 million on another movie. 

Maybe they can try again in 30 years.