SMALL STAGE Season One Is Here!

A totally original web series and a new way to tell a story.

About a year and a half ago, we announced a Kickstarter for a Minneapolis-based web series called Small Stage, and many of you generous souls donated to the cause. My dear friend Mandy Jeronimus is the writer/director/producer/editor of the show, and I helped out as producer. Evan even pitched in as PA!

The first of two seasons has arrived, and what I love about it is that it's a multi-media story, and that suits the text of this particular story very, very well. Small Stage is about a theater in a small, strange town, one with a supernatural history and a lot of mystery surrounding its origins. It's a show within a show, a story within a story, and what better way to tell that story than to step outside of previously established narrative norms and deliver something brand new? 

You can watch/read/experience the first season, consisting of five episodes, HERE. The second season, which wraps up the story in weird, charming, wonderful ways you couldn't possibly anticipate, will debut in six weeks, and I'll announce it here so you won't miss it. 

Here's a synopsis, so you can have something of a clue of what you're getting into. But just a clue, because this story is going some totally bonkers places, trust me: 

“Small Stage” is a web series about a small Midwestern town. Just over seven years ago, this was your typical, unassuming hamlet. Now, a town expatriate returns to run their small theater, and along with the eccentric characters that make up the population of this quirky little burg, she finds that the town has become ANYTHING but ordinary.