The Canon Episode 29: DO THE RIGHT THING

Let these two white film critics tell you if Spike Lee's classic is any good.

When you're doing a show like The Canon it's really easy to get caught up in the week to week stuff and miss the big picture. You're looking for movies that will generate great conversations (and maybe some good download numbers) and so you're going week-by-week, not always seeing whether you're hitting the same note a lot. That's how we ended up with a weird run of 90s movies at one point - that wasn't planned, we were just trying to have each episode feel exciting and of interest. 

And that's how we ended up with a lily-white Canon, about six months into the show. We just hadn't looked at the the thing as a whole, hadn't really considered the sweep of the films we were choosing week to week. Now, that doesn't mean Do The Right Thing is this week's episode in a misguided attempt at being diverse. This is a movie that was on our list from the very beginning. It's just that recent events in the world - the Baltimore uprising in particular - made Do The Right Thing feel very of-the-moment. It's one of my favorite movies and, as I say on the show, I believe it to be one of the top three American films of all time. 

I will tell you this: I'm curious to see if anyone votes no on this one. Sometimes contenders for The Canon are slam dunks, and I believe this is one of them, but I am wondering what any sort of anti-Do The Right Thing sentiment looks like.

You can find out by going to our voting thread - where you should vote as well!

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Next week: King Kong (1933) vs Jurassic Park!