ANT-MAN Gets A Super-sized TV Spot

More Paul Rudd is always a good thing.

Now that The Avengers: Age of Ultron has come and mostly gone, the time has arrived for Marvel to really start promoting their other big summer movie, Ant-Man. That effort begins with this extended TV spot (and a poster, which I will include below).

While certainly not cut like a theatrical trailer, all this new footage should raise some excitement, especially since we get so much more of Paul Rudd being Paul Rudd. I don’t think many of the jokes here land, and nothing really looks mind-blowing, but you can start to see how its lower-stakes story and focus on comedy might supply enough charm to win people over. It’s kind of a relief knowing no buildings will probably get toppled over in this one.

As promised, here is the new (but sort of already old by now) poster. If one of those bullets hits Ant-Man, he’s going to get so fucked up.