Sofia Coppola And THE LITTLE MERMAID Are Fin

The director leaves the live action project.

Were you excited about Sofia Coppola directing a live action take on The Little Mermaid (the original story, not the cartoon)? Tough shit, she's off the project. Yeah, I'm just here to break hearts today, to leave you moaning on the ground in the cold grey afternoon of loss. 

Universal and Coppola have said their goodbyes over 'creative differences,' which Variety report come down to casting - Coppola wanted newcomer Maya Thurman Hawke (a newcomer to the screen, but not Hollywood, as she's the child of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman) in the lead role, while the studio wanted somebody with a bit more history. 

This is a bummer because Coppola is interesting, and now Universal is likely to fall back on some guy who directs music videos and who will make a fairly terrible movie that everybody will forget about immediately, at least until the studio inexplicably does a sequel. Yes, I'm worried they're Huntsmaning this film.