James Wan Is Directing AQUAMAN

It got official.

The rumors are true: James Wan is going to direct Aquaman for Warner Bros. The director of Furious 7 and the upcoming The Conjuring 2 will eschew all race cars in favor of submersibles. Well, I don't know if there are any submersibles planned for Aquaman, but maybe he wants to get some accurate underwater shots!

But that's not all! Wan also signed a deal to direct Robotech at Sony. And that The Conjuring 2? It shoots this fall. So when is Aquaman happening? The official release date is 2018, which makes sense if Wan goes right from The Conjuring 2 to Aquaman. It's not clear where this puts Robotech.

Kurt Johnstadt, writer of 300, has been plugging away at an Aquaman script, and Wan is supposed to get with him and work on it. I would imagine this means we see Aquaman start shooting sometime towards late 2016? Just a guess here - Jason Momoa still has to make the back-to-back Justice League films, after all.