Observe A Literal Flash Dance In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

We've got The Fat White Family, Monogrenade and New Pornographers in this week's music video roundup.

The Fat White Family are in truth a spindly sextet out of South London who are often in repute for their garish stage antics, including a frontman who rarely performs clothed in little other than a thin wash of butter or at times just butt. And the last-mentioned surely seizes the spotlight in their (NSFW) video for the slinky number “Touch the Leather”. Quite like a hypnotist’s pendulum, the gentleman’s horizontally hovering rear and “fruit basket” do a swell job of transfixing its audience from the background. Tell me I’m not the only one craving a Moons Over My Hammy.

Montreal-based Franco-indie pop outfit Monogrenade describe their sophomore album Composite as an “exploration of the human spirit” and their Kristof Brandl-directed short film for “Le Fantôme” illuminates that vision. The delightfully unhurried sci-fi narrative unravels as the leading man endures an ocular injection by way of robot and develops further as a sort of bricolage of Black Mirror episodes. Harnessing masterly freeze-frame VFX, the magicians over at SHED make engrossing time travel possible for our protagonist whose precious past becomes his painful present.

Recently unearthed is a Havana-based visual for the Neko Case-led “Champions of Red Wine”, the fourth single from 2014’s Brill Bruisers by New Pornographers. In it a poor man’s Tom Savini carves a path through his Cuban Midlife Crisis from two-way mirror peep shows to the drunken dregs of a local strip club, ultimately sinking his toes mercifully into the sands of time and giving the Gulf of Mexico a big ol' hug. This offering marks the Canadian indie outfit’s second collaboration with co-directing twosome Leblanc + Cudmore. If, like me, you smell what they’re stepping in, ride a wormhole over to their surreal dance-off video for Belle and Sebastian’s “Party Line” because it's just as wonderful.