STAR WARS Original Trilogy Gets Second Black Person, Han Solo Changed Forever

Spoilers for the STAR WARS comics to follow.

In the Star Wars universe you have a better chance of being a being covered in fur than you do of being a black person. There have been two major black characters to date: Mace Windu and Lando Calrissian. There's another young brother entering the universe in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but that is yet to come. And that also leaves the number of black women in major roles at exactly zero. 

Until today! Today history was made in the Star Wars comic books, which are actually canon - the information I am about to share is accepted as real, as having happened and is open for follow-up in the movies. 

Spoilers ahead.

In today's issue of Star Wars we were introduced to Han Solo's wife... a black woman!

Meet Sana Solo, wife of Han.

The Star Wars comic is set right after the destruction of the Death Star, and it's telling in-canon tales of our heroes between Star Wars and Empire. This means that Han Solo is a married man in at least the first film (unless Sana is refusing to accept a divorce - this reveal happens at the end of Star Wars #6 so we don't fully know her story yet). It makes a certain sense that Han Solo would have had a wife out there in the universe somewhere. 

This is the first full appearance of Sana Solo, and it's on stands today, but she first actually appeared in issue four, in a cloak and a mask, hunting Han. That could be the issue worth beaucoup bucks one day, if such a comic economy still exists. 

Remember, this is canon, so Han Solo definitely, for real, had a wife before he got with Leai Organa. Adjust your fanfics accordingly.