What is this, the third Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation trailer? The fifth? Whichever one crosses the line into showing too much - it’s that one. I don’t follow box office chatter, but is this one not tracking that well or something? Because they sure are giving us the money shot-laden hard sell on this one. This is one of those trailers where you can get cynical and say “welp, now I know the whole story.” Because I definitely feel like now I know the whole story. And I now know that Jeremy Renner maybe filmed all his scenes in one weekend. Sweet deal. When that classic rock music cue kicked in, though, I wasn’t sure whether to smile or groan. So I think I did both. Picture that.

Anyway, I don’t know why they’re giving up the goods so much here. Do people need convincing? I sure hope the moviegoing public hasn’t become so jaded and addled by bigger, noisier spectacles that the promise of crazy-ass, AARP-eligible Tom Cruise for real hanging off an airplane isn’t good enough for them. I don't want to live in that world. Package that brand of crazy in a film directed by Christopher (Jack Reacher) McQuarrie? I’m in. All the way in.

Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation: Tres Colons opens July 31st. It is in IMAX and not in 3D. This is all good news.