See The Gorgeous Trailer For The New MACBETH

Starring Michael Fassbender!

This Macbeth guy - I like his pluck and courage. And honestly, he's the right man to stand behind - he has a strong wife supporting him, and what's more he cannot be killed by any man of a woman born, so he's more or less invincible. I know that this takes some of the drama out of Macbeth, since you know he can't be hurt, but the real joy of the story is seeing how Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth come together as a team.

The latest iteration of Shakespeare's play comes to us from filmmaker Justin Kurzel, and holy wow has he got some visual flair here. This movie looks gorgeous. It always helps when a Shakespeare film has amazing visuals, as they help modern audiences get through the language barrier and really sink into the story. 

Also helping: having the demigod Michael Fassbender in the lead role, where at least for these American ears his poor accent control won't make that big of a deal. Alongside the 'Bender is Marion Cotillard, who believes the Battle of Falkirk was an inside job. They both look incredible, as does the production design and atmosphere of this film, which seemed to go over very well at Cannes.