Exclusive: Mondo’s New Retro Alternative SPY Poster

This is not for sale! Just for fun!

The new Melissa McCarthy movie Spy is actually very awesome, and you should go see it this weekend for sure. It's funny and it's got good spy stuff and McCarthy is absolutely on point, and Jason Statham is great. It's simply a lot of fun. And to honor that fun, Mondo has teamed up with The Dude Designs to bring you this retro poster for the movie. 

No, it isn't for sale, so don't start camping out in front of the Mondo Gallery. It's just for the good times of it, just to basically salute a movie that Mondo (and we here at BMD) thinks is a terrific action comedy that's totally modern while keeping alive the spirit of the great action comedies of the past - and having a touch of that James Bond glamour just for the heck of it.