The Canon Episode 30: KING KONG vs JURASSIC PARK

Which prehistoric island is going to make it into The Canon?

I like it when versus episodes hurt, and this episode hurts. This week on The Canon we pit the original 1933 King Kong against the 1993 Jurassic Park (slyly timed around the upcoming release of Jurassic World) for dino supremacy. 

This is one of those episodes where I feel like we'll get a lot of complaints from voters, asking why we can't have both films in The Canon. Well, it's because these episodes are better when you really gotta dig deep into your heart and brain and pick which movie you truly, completely thinks deserves the ultimate honor, the greatest of all titles: Canonworthy!

I love both these movies, but the choice for me was obvious - I can't imagine a Canon without the original '33 Kong. You can make your own choice in this voting thread

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