What Will Christoph Waltz Look Like In SPECTRE?

Spy photos hint at a Bond Villain tradition.

Ian Fleming delighted in giving his villains distinctive physical characteristics. The eponymous Dr. No had metal pincers instead of hands. Moonraker’s Hugo Drax had facial scarring and weird buck teeth, the result of thumb-sucking as a child. In Live and Let Die, Mr. Big had a head shaped like a football (this was possibly just racism, tbh). And Ernst Stavro Blofeld changed appearances greatly across his three main appearances in the novels: In Thunderball, he’s nearly 300 lbs with a black crew cut. In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, he’s 110 lbs lighter, with long silver hair, no earlobes and a nose eaten away by syphilis. In You Only Live Twice, he has a droopy mustache and a gold tooth, and knocks around in samurai armor for kicks.

The tradition continued in the films. Sometimes the deformities were carried over from the novels, but sometimes they were invented for the screen: Scaramanga’s third nipple (The Man With The Golden Gun); Stromberg’s webbed hands (The Spy Who Loved Me); Le Chiffre’s eye that wept blood (Casino Royale) and Silva’s whole dental situation (Skyfall). As for Blofeld, once they showed his face, my man was all over the map: bald, not bald, scarred, not scarred, earlobes that came and went. And while we don’t officially know whom Christoph Waltz is playing in SPECTRE, some spy photos have leaked an intriguing detail about his appearance, suggesting that whoever he’s playing, the tradition is alive and well. Possible spoilers ahoy:

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If you click here, you’ll be taken to some spy pics from the recent SPECTRE filming in London. In them, you’ll see that Waltz has a bunch of CGI markers on his face. I asked my VFX producer friend why this might be, and she offered the following reasons via text:

if you’re laying an effect over his face later

Like scar tissue

or De-aging

or monster face

So there you have it, friends. Based on these photos, it’s a safe bet that Waltz could be playing someone young, or scarred, or with monster face. You heard it here first. (For what it’s worth, my VFX producer friend, upon hearing the evidence, votes for “scar face.”) Whomever Waltz is playing, I think we can all agree that’s a dope velvet jacket he’s sporting.