Christopher Mintz-Plasse Gets Back On The Horse In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

We've got Kodaline, Keith Ape and Jacob Perlmutter in this week's music video roundup.

Born out of Swords, Dublin, Kodaline have been creating tunes together since secondary school where they dabbled in numerous battles of the bands and, from my own personal assessment, blossomed one by one into H&M models. Abteen Bagheri (insert slow clap for that guy’s visual resume) directs their latest short film for the contemporary power ballad and positively motivational single, “Ready.” Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad) takes the lead as a chair-confined, award-winning jockey whose devotion to his former profession is two parts: spirited and palpable. I’m also a sucker for equestrian drama and a firm believer (read: former volunteer) in therapeutic horseback riding. Get off your butt and find one in your area already.

Lap up the following trap-influenced meld of Korean and Japanese hip-hop cut from the same cloth as Atlanta’s own OG Maco (much to his chagrin). And whether that cloth is monogrammed with the word “homage” or “plagiarism” is up to anyone but yours truly to determine. Alternately, I had a pretty solid six minutes of enjoyment just giving new names to each collaborator upon their reveal such as: Dr. Rice Wine and Sleepy Cornrows. Who knew hypebeasts were wearing The North Face gear now? And how long before they go full-Patagonia freestyling about REI’s new line of BPA-free Nalgenes?

Quintessential renaissance man Jacob Perlmutter’s latest visual delight renders musings of a somewhere-out-there love and in the end takes the shape of the ever sought after music video brass ring: a flawless marriage of sight and sound. Simple, oil pastel animation is provided by co-writer George Wheeler who adds a bit of trivia that all frames were fabricated via white paper then inverted and transferred to a solid black landscape in post to really breathe life into the vibrant scenery. His video for another track plucked from the same debut album, “When You’re Alone,” needs to be seen, too. In it an older gentleman expresses wild abandon in its purest form with a solo Spanish beach dance number he himself choreographed. And he’s my leader.