THE MARTIAN To Come Out Almost Two Months Early

See Matt Damon be sad sooner than expected!

Everyone seems to be excited about Ridley Scott’s upcoming film, The Martian. Sadly, it’s not about an alien. Instead it’s about a Matt Damon who gets stranded on Mars for a very long time while his crew figures out a way to save him. Poor bastard.

We recently enjoyed a wonderful trailer for the film that raised a lot of enthusiasm. That joy should get an even bigger shot in the arm with today’s news that The Martian will now come out two months early than planned.

Instead of coming out November 25, we’ll be seeing The Martian on October 2 where it will do battle with Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk and Evan Saathoff’s London has Fallen. Sorry, Martian.

The Martian is actually swapping spots with Daniel Radcliffe and James McCoy’s Victor Frankenstein movie. Because everyone wants a little Frankenstein after their Thanksgiving turkey. Unfortunately, London has Fallen will still be the number one movie in America at the time, so it doesn’t really matter.