Check Out This Amazing Exclusive Clip From REDEEMER

You do not want to go boating with this guy.

Our site has been a little Redeemer heavy, and it gives me great joy. While the undisputed action champion of last year’s Fantastic Fest was definitely John Wick, Redeemer absolutely deserves its slot in second place.

This exclusive clip offers a perfect example why:

What more do you want? There are bad dudes, and an even badder dude shows up to beat the shit out of them in various painful ways. It’s well-shot, well-choreographed, and wonderfully gory. The whole movie is like this!

Right now the film is out in New York and L.A., plus you can see it on VOD. If you’re really lucky (and by that, I mean live in or near Texas), you can see Noah Segan introduce it himself. And you most certainly should. Redeemer kicks all kinds of ass. If you love great action, this is definitely one to support.