These Are The Spider-Man Finalists

It's down to two actors.

Today The Wrap's Jeff Sneider reported that the Spider-Man casting shortlist is down to Tom Holland, Matthew Lintz and Charlie Plummer. The site claims that the delay in casting comes down to Sony and Marvel butting heads over which kid is right. 

My Sony sources were surprised by that bit of info. According to folks close to the situation there are no heads butting but rather everybody is exhibiting a lot of caution. This is major casting that they can't screw up, and they want the third time they cast Peter Parker to be the charm. It's been an agonizing process for this reason. 

What's more, my sources tell me that the shortlist is actually two actors: Tom Holland and Charlie Rowe, whom The Wrap didn't name. Rowe is also an English actor, and he was in The Golden Compass as a child as well as Never Let Me Go. He certainly has the right look, and I understand he has the chops. 

We will probably hear the final results soon, but it looks like a) Asa Butterfield is out and b) we'll have another English Peter Parker on our hands.