Disney’s Moving Forward With A MALEFICENT Sequel

This time with more explosions and bigger cheekbones.

Maleficent was one of last year’s surprise hits, so naturally Disney wants to keep that money coming in with a sequel. That’s basically all this story amounts to. They are talking to Linda Woolverton in hopes of getting her to write a script. Joe Roth will return to produce. No one expects director Robert Stromberg to come back, and even Angelina Jolie’s return is not a done deal yet.

So, it’s more just a hopefully idea at this point. The script is being written under the assumption that Jolie will come back for another go, but she could always use her magnificent dignity to tell Disney “up yer butt with a coconut.” She’s not big on doing sequels.

I know most of you probably disliked the film, but I found myself pleasantly surprised with Maleficent and would welcome another story with this character, especially since the first already told (or loosely adapted) the story we already know. There’s room in Maleficent’s world for more fantasy weirdness, and I would be excited to see some more of that.