The Canon Episode 31: TWO-LANE BLACKTOP

Noah Segan joins the show to get existential with the Monte Hellman race movie.

This week's episode of The Canon features guest Noah Segan - whose movie The Redeemer was just plastered all over this site over the weekend - to discuss the merits of Two-Lane Blacktop, Monte Hellman's 1971 road race movie starring James Taylor, Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys and Warren Oates. It's one of my favorite movies, and I was glad to talk about it for the show. 

So imagine my surprise when Amy really didn't like it. I'll let you listen and decide for yourselves, but I did not walk into this episode expecting to defend one of the great films of the Hollywood New Wave. I guess that's what makes the show so interesting, huh?

The movie is hard to find - it's not currently streaming anywhere - but you can buy a beautiful Criterion edition on Amazon. The link is below, assuming you're not using AdBlock!

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