AMERICAN GODS Will Now Be A Starz Show

All thanks to the God of cable.

Neil Giaman's American Gods has been wanting to make it to either the small or big screen for years (with the small screen being most likely). For a while, it seemed pretty possible that it would end up as a series on HBO. The reality as far as today is sort of a close but no cigar situation.

American Gods has been greenlit as a series on the Starz network, the same channel that’s giving us Ash vs Evil Dead, for those who have no idea what a Starz is. Bryan Fuller and Michael Green will serve as showrunners, which is pretty exciting. Other than that, very little else is known.

As for the plot itself, American Gods is about a guy who has to deal with a bunch of old gods as they battle against a bunch of new gods. There are gods for everything. New gods are all like TV gods and Internet gods while the old school crew represents manners gods and family values gods. If you can’t tell, I haven’t read the book in many, many years. But I remember liking it!