Check Out These Creepy CRIMSON PEAK Character Posters

Charlie Hunnam is bummin’.

I’m about to say something just awful: I am not excited about Crimson Peak. Yes, I am aware that all you fine folks are. I’m just chalking this one up to my own inability to enjoy gothic stuff, ghost stories, and gothic ghost stories. This one’s on me.

But for the rest of you, today brings us a quartet of character posters for the film. Everyone’s here. You got scared looking girl, handsome scary guy, mean lady, and Mr. Dumb-dumb. I’ll let you figure out who is who. Hint: the ones who are female hold candles.

Crimson Peak opens October 16. While that release date’s proximity to Halloween seems appropriate, I kind of which they'd open it on Christmas instead so people who went to that Zoolander school and don’t read good might mistakenly buy tickets for Christmas Peek and get traumatized.