Eminem Is Getting All Up In Joe Carnahan’s NARC TV Show’s Face

Mom’s spaghetti.

First off, Joe Carnahan is making a television version of his gritty 2002 cop drama, Narc. This has apparently been known for a while, but it flew completely under my radar. Also under my radar - any memory of the film Narc save for the memory of my high opinion of it. Sounds like a rewatch is in order!

Narc seems like it could be kind of a big deal. For one, Carnahan will direct the first episode from his own script. Actually, he wants to direct the whole damn series. On top of that, Eminem is going to both produce the show and act as music supervisor. Rather than mean he’ll listen to all the show’s songs and say “Yeah, that’s cool,” he’s probably going to be creating a lot of music himself.

This makes sense. For one, Eminem is still only in his late 20s and needs to branch out and make a bigger mark on the world. Also, the show takes place in Detroit, a city Eminem has always wanted to visit.

Narc will be produced by Paramount TV. It doesn’t have a network yet, but they’re looking into having Jay-Z invent one.