Awww, Jemaine Clement Is So Cute In This PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS Trailer

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just having a bad life. It’ll be over eventually.”

Normally movies like this are automatic passes for me. Stuff about relationships and touchy-feely emotions just aren’t my bag. I prefer the dignity of exploding airplanes and psycho robots. Stuff like that.

But I have fallen for the cheesy emotions displayed in this People, Places, Things trailer. A huge part of that has to be thanks to Jemaine Clement, who appears to be using his comic voice to tug at the heartstrings instead of those make-you-laugh strings. I don’t like the dumb music choice that appears near the end of the trailer, but everything else looks great.

What do you think? Have I turned into a giant wimp? If so, I guess I’m stuck with it. People, Places, Things hits theaters and VOD August 14.