New PEANUTS Trailer Is A Teenage Wasteland

The latest cartoon version of the comic strip leans on The Who.

This is how social media works for me: when I saw the new Peanuts trailer way back at CinemaCon I tweeted about how weird it is that it uses Teenage Wasteland from The Who. Now, I know that the song is actually titled Baba O'Riley, but I have 140 characters which meant I could only call the song one thing and I'm not entirely sure that everyone reading my tweet would jump from Baba O'Riley to "The Who song where they sing Teenage Wasteland in the chorus," so I went with the easier identifier. Cue 200 people correcting me on the name of the song, many using the dreaded "Um, actually" verbiage. 

ANYWAY. I'm not bitter or irritated by this kind of stuff at all! But it is still weird that Fox is selling The Peanuts Movie, the new 3D CG animated Snoopy picture, using Teenage Wasteland Baba O'Riley. It's hard for me to imagine Charles Schulz being way into The Who (but maybe he totally was and he partied with Keith Moon - someone will surely correct me in the comments if that's the case). I remember when The Who were like edgy and people died at their concerts; now they're the soundtrack to CSI and The Peanuts Movie. Should have died before you got old. 

Here's the trailer. I don't have a particular attachment to Peanuts or any old cartoons, so I'll probably never bother seeing this unless I'm told it's actually quite brilliant. But I hope you guys like it! I'll be out here in the fields, fighting for my meals... just like Charlie Brown. 

Wouldn't Won't Get Fooled Again make more sense as a Who song? You could play it over a montage of Charlie Brown trying to kick that fucking football.