Comedian Barack Obama To Appear On Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast

WTF indeed.

If you don’t listen to Marc Maron’s nice but somewhat overhyped interview podcast, WTF, you might want to make some time for an upcoming very special episode. The neurotic self-absorbed comedian who interviews other comedians in his garage is about to get a visit from the president. And not just any president, either. THE president.

At the white house’s request, Barack Obama will stop by the garage for a chat, probably all about his childhood and which comedy club doormen he knows. This is such a huge deal, I can’t help but hope Maron doesn’t open the podcast with his usual 15 minutes of rambling we all collectively skip.

I’m being mean, but I used to listen to this podcast religiously, so I obviously think it’s a high quality show. And of course I’m going to listen to this entry. As usual, it’ll be fascinating not just for its subject, but for how the subject affects Maron.

The Obama episode of WTF is expected to drop June 22.