Emily Blunt Is Badass In The SICARIO Trailer

Cartel clashes from Denis Villeneueve!

I'm surprised Hollywood hasn't moved the action film south of the border yet; the cartel violence in Mexico is both extreme and crazily public - shoot outs, executions, daylight raids. These events all take place in a murky morally grey area where the government agents fighting the cartels may be just as bad as the bad guys, so it's all perfect movie business. 

Sicario seems to understand that. It's the next movie from Denis Villeneueve, who last year straddled arthouse and mainstream with Enemies and Prisoners (I liked his mainstream work better, if we're being honest), and it features Emily Blunt as an FBI agent caught up in that murky world of cartel violence. The trailer seems to give away what could either be a major plot twist or what is just a second act reveal - either way, with this sort of modern tequila noir it's a plot development you had to expect. 

Sicario, which means hitman, will open September 18th.