I honestly don't know what this trailer is telling me.

I gave up on The Walking Dead years and years ago; it's so repetitive and pointlessly bleak and filled with such undercooked characters that I just couldn't deal with it anymore. People who think that Game of Thrones is a downer would probably open their wrists if they watched ten minutes of this zombie misery. 

But I like zombies, even as they have been dying from overexposure, and I hoped that Fear the Walking Dead, AMC's new spin-off, might offer me a better fix of mayhem. After all, the bad actors and worse characters from The Walking Dead wouldn't show up here, and the series wouldn't be beholden to the poorly written comic. I was hopeful. 

That hope has... well, not dried up but certainly been replaced with a sense of puzzlement after watching the first teaser for the show. What is Fear the Walking Dead trying to tell me it's about? This looks like a guy who just got caught fucking his best friend's wife and is running away from a beating. His facial expression is so horrified I read this as comedy, which only reinforces the general comedic nature of 'guy jumping out a window pulling up his pants.'  The heavy-handed BWAHMS also add to the perception of this being a joke.

I don't know... what do you guys think?