Weird Genius Maria Bamford Gets Her Own Netflix Show With Mitch Hurwitz Producing

LADY DYNAMITE, you have my attention.

This is great news: brilliantly unhinged comedian Maria Bamford has the kind of singular voice that needs to be shared, and a Netflix series produced by Arrested Development's Mitch Hurwitz feels like a perfect fit. Lady Dynamite will be a thirteen-episode single camera comedy "based on what she's accepted to be 'her life'" and telling "the story of a woman who loses – and then finds – her shit.” 

I could watch Maria Bamford lose and find her shit all day, so this sounds like a triumph. Bamford memorably guest starred in Hurwitz's little-loved fourth season of Arrested Development, and she was by far the best part of the hot-and-cold run of episodes. Bamford's stand-up album Ask Me About My New God! is revelatory and linked below; listen to it at the link or on Spotify