INSIDE OUT Review: A 13 Year Old Girl Gives Her Opinion

Madison Kuba's back with another review!

(This thing says it was written by Evan Saathoff, but it was actually written by my daughter, Madison Kuba. She's a badass.)

Inside Out is a Pixar film about an 11 year old girl's emotions while she is faced with a major life change. This movie uses five emotions- joy, disgust, anger, sadness, and fear- to represent her motivations for doing what she does in the plot.

One of the reasons this movie is so great is that the characters are each funny and unique, but the thing that is so special about them is that they are in our heads too, driving us. My favorite character was Anger. I thought that he was the funniest of the bunch. Although Anger was my favorite, Sadness gave him a run for his money. My least favorite character was Joy. Sure she was nice, but at the same time annoying and cliche. I really wish there would have been more to her.

Even though the characters are absolutely amazing, the thing that makes this movie so great is where it shows how a person can be affected by a big life change. In the movie the example is moving across the country, but I don't think it's limited to just that. It can also be simply growing up. I know that as I've gotten older I've changed quite a bit. Certain things that seemed like a huge deal at the time I don't even think about anymore. They are just replaced by my new interests. Growing up you also forget things, like your imaginary friend (fyi: I remember mine). What this movie did for me was put things in a whole new perspective. For that reason I think that it is amazing.

This movie is great for all ages. Everyone should see it. The characters are hilarious, and the new perspective it gives you is really valuable. Out of five stars I would give this movie six. It was truly amazing. I think it's safe to say it is the best movie of the year.