Tom Cruise Kicks Ass, Holds Breath In New MI: ROGUE NATION Trailer

This movie looks so good.

There is a motorcycle gag in this Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation trailer that is, I believe, one of the all-time great motorcycle gags. The rest of the trailer is pretty damn great as well; sure it's another scenario where the IMF is burned/betrayed/on the run, but who minds when the set pieces look so immaculately fun and insanely big? Cruise hanging off that plane - that alone makes the entire film worth it. 

I have to admit that I have never been a huge fan of the MIssion: Impossible movies - I've enjoyed most of them, haven't truly cared about them beyond that - but they have evolved into a standard-bearer for practical stunts, and that's not even taking into accounts Tom Cruise's increasingly dare-based scenes. There's just joy in watching people jump and fall and crash cars in reality that makes the M:I films more spectacular than 90% of their competitors. I will always make time to see a movie like this in theaters, even if I never end up watching it again (hi, Ghost Protocol!).

Mission: Impossible: Rogue: Nation will open on July 31st.