HITMAN: AGENT 47 Exists And Has A Meaty Trailer To Prove It

How many times a day does this guy shave his head?

There was a panel at last year’s SDCC all about Hitman: Agent 47, but it seemed a little early for anyone to generate any enthusiasm. But now, with the film coming out August 21, it seems a much better time to raise awareness for this movie that most people probably don’t have on their radar. Step one: a (really long) trailer!

Having no experience with the games upon which this is based, or experience watching the first movie they made with Timothy Elephant, this is all a clean slate kind of thing for me. I see an assassin with superpowers and a pretty lady. One of them is bald. Also, Spock’s involved. He wants to make an army of bald super killers. Seems like a good enough plan. I say let him go for it.

There’s a lot of action in this trailer, but much of it looks like a video game, which may be appropriate given the franchise’s origins but doesn’t fill me with much hope. Some of these moves are pretty cool though! Press square, and you’re guy will knock people into an aircraft engine!