John Cusack, Adrien Brody, And Jackie Chan Make It Through Another DRAGON BLADE Trailer

Movie of the year?

Don’t pretend like you forgot about Dragon Blade, the big, Asian action spectacular that stars Jackie Chan. And also John Cusack. And what the hell? Why not throw Adrien Brody in there too? We’ve already had some masterpieces come out this year, but that doesn’t mean Mad Max: Fury Road and Inside Out have nothing to fear. Dragon Blade is coming for that throne.

The film has already taken over the world, apparently. It certainly looks lavish. It has a moment where Adrien Brody halts a sword blade with his bare hands. And John Cusack talks like a robot-human. What’s not to like? “Rated R for Bloody Violence,” motherfuckers!

We, and by we I mean every last one of us, will get a chance to finally see this one when it hits theaters and on demand September 4. I cannot wait.