The Rock To Go On A RAMPAGE

But unless he's playing a monster who cares?

The kaiju train just keeps rolling along, and the latest car added is Rampage, a movie based on the classic co-op video game where you could play as a Godzilla, a King Kong or, for some reason, a truly enormous Wolf Man and destroy cities and eat people. It's a great game, possibly one of the pinnacles of gaming in general. And it's a great idea for a movie, at least in the abstract - there's no real story to Rampage, but the iconography is cool, and we've never seen a giant werewolf punch buildings onscreen before. 

Now there is a Rampage movie happening, and it will star The Rock! But just in case this sounds like good news to you, let me burst your bubble with two points: 

1) it's the same producing team that made San Andreas

2) and there's basically no way that The Rock will play the werewolf. He will almost certainly play a guy who is tasked with killing the werewolf, which sucks. 

But you know, thinking back on point 1... one of the things that didn't work about San Andreas is the film's cavalier attitude towards destruction, and that kind of attitude fits perfectly in Rampage. We don't want to feel bad about any of the deaths, we want to root on the Godzilla as he pops people in his mouth. We only feel bad when the Wolf Man takes enough damage to shrink back down to a little naked guy!

Rampage is set to shoot next year. There's no director, but the writer of Non-Stop, a perfectly delightful stupid movie, is attached to script.