Tom Holland Is Spider-Man! Jon Watts To Direct!

The future of the wall-crawler is set.

This morning Marvel announced that they had found their new Spider-Man, and the director of their next Spider-Man movie: Tom Holland will be Peter Parker and Cop Car director Jon Watts will helm. 

Tom Holland is excellent casting; young but experienced, Holland has the right look and, judging by what I've heard about him from his co-workers, is exactly the kind of team player Marvel needs as they continue their ever more massive shared universe. Holland has been extraordinary in a number of roles, especially in his part in the truly treacly The Impossible - he pretty much elevates the whole movie. Holland will be heading to Atlanta soon, as the worst kept secret in the business is that Spidey will show up in Captain America: Civil War

Holland has been in the running for a long time, and he's been through a rigorous series of screen tests. Sources tell me that Holland was always the favorite but that Marvel didn't want to fuck this up - they needed to make sure this Spidey was the right choice. Last week I reported to you that the Spidey list was down to Holland and Charlie Rowe, with Asa Butterfield totally getting kicked to the curb. 

Jon Watts, meanwhile, is more of an unknown quality. His Sundance movie, Cop Car, has a few Spidey-aged kids stealing a cop car; the Drafthouse team flipped out over the film at Sundance, and everyone I know who has seen it thinks it's really fun and really propulsive, with great action sensibilities. This isn't a romcom director making the leap to big action, this is a genre director making the leap to bigger genre. 

The next Spider-Man movie still doesn't have a title. I'm holding out hope for Spectacular Spider-Man or Web of Spider-Man, two of my favorite Spidey books from back in the day. 

I'm excited! A young Spider-Man is refreshing, and I can't wait to see how Holland interacts with the madness that is the mighty Marvel Cinematic Universe. And this gives Kevin Feige one less question to have to answer at this weekend's Ant-Man junket.