WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: FIRST DAY OF CAMP Offers A Super ‘70s Promotional Video

Look at all the fun you could be having at Camp Firewood!

1,2,3 let's go!

Wet Hot American Summer's Netflix prequel First Day of Camp arrives - all eight episodes of it - on July 31, and today we get a VHS-style promo celebrating the educational and diverse activities of Camp Firewood. Join Gail for arts and crafts, or Susie and Ben for drama! Join J.J. and McKinley for street dance, or Andy for water sports! Join Ben and McKinley for...whatever's going on there, exactly. Actually, no, better not. Best to leave them to that. 

The world is your oyster at Camp Firewood. It's more than just a summer camp - it's an idea. A promise. A way of life. 

GodDAMN, I can't wait for July 31.