Is THE BATMAN Coming In 2018?

A rumor pits Batman against Captain Marvel.

The weirdest thing about Warner Bros' announced slate of DC superhero movies: no solo Batman or Superman films. Considering those were the only two heroes the company could even remotely get right it's odd seeing them only slated for team-up films between now and the end of the decade. 

We've heard rumors and stories that there are solo movies planned - the Batman one even has a name: The Batman - but nothing solid. We still have nothing solid, but Latino Review is reporting what they're hearing from inside WB's Batcave... that Batman will go solo again in 2018. 

And not just any time in 2018. The site says that The Batman will open in November 2018, placing Batman square in the path of Captain Marvel. On a lot of levels that has to be a worst case scenario for Marvel - an untested character who is an absolute unknown to 99% of the world's ticket buying audience going up against one of the most famous and perenially popular characters in history. 

It could be even worse. Latino Review says that Ben Affleck is to direct the film, which gives the movie an extra layer of star power. If Affleck is directing, Marvel really needs to get Angelina Jolie to direct Captain Marvel - only she can combat Affleck in the media! The site also reports that Chris Terrio is writing, but I have a feeling after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice* the bloom will be off that rose. Not that the script is bad, but all the Academy Awards in the world don't necessarily improve your dialogue or fix the structure and set pieces you inherited from the last guy. 

Batman v Captain Marvel: Dawn of the Box Office is going to be an interesting battle, if this rumor proves true. Is there any way that Carol Danvers can hope to hold her own against a new version of Batman riding the wave of Justice League. I mean, I guess if Justice League sucks that helps, but otherwise... it's the goddamned Batman.

* hi, it's this joke again.