UNCHARTED Has Lost Its Director

And maybe some of its budget.

Fans have been waiting for the Indiana Jones riffing video game Uncharted to become a movie for quite some time - years and years already - and they're getting some bad news about it today. The film is no closer to happening than it ever was, and it has in fact lost director Seth Gordon. After developing the movie for a year and change he's been let go from the project as Sony's new boss takes the movie in a 'new direction.' 

Heroic Hollywood, who broke the story, says it all comes down to Rothman's specialty, and why he was hired at Sony - pinching pennies. But this means that the film, should it ever get made, is going to be another cheapie and not the huge tentpole fans wanted. As Heroic Hollywood says, expect it to be at the level of Resident Evil

I'm not entirely sure this movie is ever even going to happen. Does anyone truly care about Uncharted at this point? I mean, I know that people like it, but the zeitgeist doesn't feel right for it at the moment, as if the property's time has come and gone. I'm not entirely sure that there's an audience that gives much of a shit about these characters or stories. Am I wrong? Let me know below.