Kevin Bacon On Why His COP CAR Director Jon Watts Is Perfect For Spider-Man

At least one person wasn't surprised by the big news.

I spoke with Kevin Bacon today in anticipation of the August release of Cop Car, a film that we really love and want to support here at BMD and the Alamo Drafthouse. And with this week's announcement that Cop Car director Jon Watts will be directing the next Spider-Man film, I wanted to know what Bacon thought made him right for the gig. 

Bacon's reply: 

I have to say that, as exciting as that story is, it really didn’t surprise me too much. Because I just think that he’s got a great eye, and a great sense of storytelling, both with the way that he writes and conceives story, and the way that he works with the actors and the places he puts the camera, and how he chooses to move it.

I look at his ability, after having done so little work, and I’m just kind of like, ‘wow.’ I’m frankly jealous of how good he is. I don’t know what the whole inner workings were amongst Marvel, in terms of their decision-making process, but it was not a shock to me. 

Look for the rest of the interview in the August issue of Birth.Movies.Death. magazine, and it will be published here on the site closer to Cop Car's release on August 7.